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Thread: Schedules genereted with warning (Agent not filling any need)

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    Schedules genereted with warning (Agent not filling any need)

    Curious if anybody has come across this message? I know it sometimes pops up if the agents aren't in an ACD workgroup but today I received it on 9 agents that definitely are in ACD workgroups. I have already cut a problem ticket with my vendor but just curious if anybody perusing these forums has come across it before.

    When I look at these same agents in Optimizer Configuration > Agent Details, they all have "<No interaction types>" configured for interaction types. Clearly these are related, and the interaction types should be Calls but I'm not sure where this would be configured and why these specific agents aren't properly set.

    any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi there,

    Just wondering if you ended up getting an answer/response to what the warning meant specifically?

    We've just had it appear for the first time in years and can't figure out why it's just happened now.


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    You will receive this notification when agents cannot handle any of the forecast volume - either due to lack of workgroup membership, skills, and/or utilization (i.e., where max capacity for media type is set to 0 - set/managed in Interaction Administrator). It is simply informing you that you are attempting to schedule agents and we can determine, at least for that moment in time, that they cannot help in any way on the specific interactions forecast for that week.

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    Great thanks for the response. I tried searching the help documentation for an explanation but no luck first.

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    Agent not filling any need

    Had this issue myself. It seems to be a known issue, root cause is still being investigated.

    In my incident, error is generated due to service level data, (expected call volume) in the forecast not being passed to the schedule. I also see that non-ACD activities are stacked. All agents are assigned a break or meal at the same time.

    Take just one agent in each scheduling unit, and remove the Optimizer schedulable license form that one agent for 15 minutes, then re-assign, wait 15 minutes.
    Regenerate the schedule.
    I suspect a standby server re-boot, manual switch over will also remedy this, albeit not as gracefully.

    My suspicion is that when agents are removed from IA while still assigned to an optimizer scheduling group, yet this is just a guess. I am used to older phone/ACD systems where multiple databases must be managed, and an entity must be removed object by object, rather than simply deleting the agent.

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