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Thread: ICBM Log in Error

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    ICBM Log in Error

    hi All,

    when i try to log-in to ICBM error was appear :

    Authentication Failed Because The Remote Party Has Closed The Transport Stream

    i use 2016R1


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    I am having the same issue but with Interaction Desktop. I believe this is a windows update that causes this as a few of our stations weren't having GPO's applied and had windows updates install automatically.

    One suggestion was I was told was to modify the registry values.
    I was referred to:

    "Essentially you want to add the exe as a dword entry in the registry Registry location:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\.NE TFramework\\System.Net.ServicePointManager.SchSend AuxRecord DWORD name: Fully qualified path for the application .exe (for example, C:\MyApp\MyApp.exe) Value data: 0 Note The placeholder is either v4.0.30319 or v2.0.50727, depending on the version."

    This did not work for me.

    Does anybody else know what could be causing this specific error or how to correct it?

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    YOu may need to open a ticket to get the DH1024.pem file

    There are 2 issues that where common with this one is that registry change you mentioned (or being on a version its fixed in) or you need dh0124.pem file which Support would need to provide.

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    I have seen this error if the Version of ICBM application you are running does not match the CIC version running.

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