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    User Business Information

    Good Day

    I have had a user request that we populate a couple of fields in the Personal Info section of each User Configuration. We use AD as our authoritative source for data like department, mobile phone, etc...
    We have that data replicated to Exchange. CIC is configured to use the MailBox service to sync with Exchange or LDAP. We are using IMS for User Mailboxes. I know that if I change them over to Exchange that data will sync up.
    But the issue with that is that Voice Mails will be emailed to them and they will not have VM's show in the voice mail tab and the phone will not alert them that they have a VM. Also we have been directed not to have the VM's emailed to users.

    So I am at a lose here. Other than manually entering that data into the User Configuration, is there a way to have those fields populated using an LDAP/Exchange query?

    Thank You

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    I'm thinking you could create an IceLIB application to look up the values via LDAP and then populate the personal information in CIC.

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