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Thread: Compare Attribute Values

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    Compare Attribute Values

    Anyone know of a method to compare two attributes for logical routing in attendant?


    if $(Attr1) = $(Attr2) then route somewhere

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    Fetch Results

    There is a tool called Other Tools an in there is a tool called Fetch Results. You assign an attributed called ATTR_RESULTS which is compared against a server parameter called CustomFieldDivider this will pass back ATTR_RESULT which is the location of the ATTR_RESULTS in the other parameter. Now, that is the ININ way. My way is either a very simple handler to take the two attributes and compare them, returning the result. This is the easiest way. The other I have not tried, but should work. If you use the Logical Transfer and compare the value of ATTRIBUTE1 to see if it is equal to $(ATTRIBUTE2). That might work. Still one more way it so have 2 caller inputs then assign the value of the Attribute you are assigning at each caller input (just using them for the logical transfer). Then in your logical transfer, you can compare the value entered at caller input 1 to equal the value of caller input 2. Since you are setting the values, Attendant does not realize that nothing was input, but just passes the values of each to the logical transfer handler.

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    Handler only... i think

    I am trying to do the same thing actually. Has anyone been able to get the Logical Transfer to work?

    what i'm doing:
    Call attribute1 - from custom handler - string.

    Caller Data entry: Store as CallAttribute2 (no data type specified, but i suspect it might be INT??)

    Logical Transfer:
    Call attribute 1 is equal to $(CallAttribute2) String
    True - route X
    False - Route Y.

    even tho the Call log shows same digits, the path is taken to route Y.

    I think i'll go the custom handler route.


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