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Thread: Call Drop Outs

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    Call Drop Outs

    For call drop outs, let's say I schedule a callback in 1 mins time to call the customer back through dialler. After dispositioning the call the dialler puts me back into 'Available' meaning I may get another call before the callback is queued for dialling. Is there a way to remain 'Available' so my callback is queued in 1 mins time but NOT get a new dialler call in the meantime? I have tried a couple of things with manually selecting a Status Message in ID/IC that will prevent new calls coming in but each time I do this the system sets my status to 'Do Not Disturb / On Break' which won't allow the callback to be queued for dialling in 1 mins time. Any other ideas? I'm trying to reduce manual dialling due to attempts limit restrictions so want all our calls/attempts going through dialler.

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    Before placing the next call on the call list, Dialer looks to see if there are any Scheduled callbacks "in the past" for that user. If so, then it will call that instead of the next number on the list. So, in your scenario, with a minute to go the user will be given a call, assuming that call lasts for more than a minute, then the next call will be the scheduled one.

    Unless your calls are typically very long, most of the callbacks should occur pretty soon after the scheduled time.

    Paul Simpson
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