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Thread: Anyone use a Polycom VVX D60?

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    Anyone use a Polycom VVX D60?

    Looking to provide a user a desk phone with cordless handset all under one extension. I noticed quite a few vendors selling the D60 in a package with VVX 300 and 500 series phones but D60 is not supported per testlab. Not necessarily tied to the D60, more importantly looking to provide the user with both corded and cordless option on one extension.

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    I have not used one but I was looking into one a little bit a while back. From what I can tell the D60 just sort of mirrors the line configuration from the base station. I think the pairing is done at the phone user level so I don't think you need to push any special configuration to it nor would updating the configuration via the managed phone in IA affect it. Once again I have not played with one myself so who knows if I'm right or not.

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