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Thread: Ireland Dialplan help

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    Ireland Dialplan help

    All the systems I have setup have been US based. I am now working on an Ireland system and need some guidance for creating such a dial plan. General search results through ININ are not jumping out at me. Does anyone know of or can point me to some documents that can help guide me through creating such a dial plan.

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    international dial plan

    I've never found any great documentation for CIC international dial plans, but here are a few tips:

    Here is a blog article I wrote a while ago about international dialing: Dialing is Harder Than it Looks

    ... and here's some info on phone numbers for this region: Ireland Phone Numbers

    • Use the base CIC dial plan as a starting point
    • Consider how regions and SIP line will need to be configured
    • You'll likely need to create dial plan objects for emergency, toll free, national, and international for the region in question (and perhaps others, especially in large metropolitan areas)
    • Consider fallback routing (what to do if placing a call via the preferred circuit fails)
    • Consider least-cost routing (Ireland user places non-toll call over the WAN to a U.S. local number via a U.S. telco circuit)
    • Remember that almost every country EXCEPT the U.S. uses 0 as the trunk code for all national calls
    • Remember that almost every country EXCEPT the U.S. prefers the E.164 number format
    • Remember that international phone numbers often (incorrectly) include the trunk code in the E.164 number format

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    dcurrier - Seriously thanks for the response. I found a few things but like you said nothing that held your hand a bit. Your response though is more than what I was finding and will certainly go through your blog. Again thanks for you time.

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