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Thread: Dialer to Attendant

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    Dialer to Attendant

    After Dialer dials a number and either an Answering Machine or Person answers I have Dialer transferring the person to an attendant profile.

    How can I determine from Attendant by using DB query that the number dialed by Dialer matches a users record and further pull information from that record?

    I would like to have Attendant state the persons name and other information.

    Is there a handler that would specifically be useful for this that fires off as soon as Dialer transfers the call to Attendant?

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    I can answer my own question


    choose > Copy Dialer Attributes to Call Attributes

    This will allow you to do DB queries in attendant using ANI .....

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    Sorry to be late to the party!


    Actually, even better than what you suggest is to have the data in the contact list (name etc.) Then you use the "Copy Dialer Attributes" setting and a "Play Info" tool in attendant. You don't even need to do the data dip!

    If you have attended the Dialer training class, or know someone that has, there is even a Lab showing you how to do this. (It uses the example of an appointment reminder system.)

    Paul Simpson
    Senior Technical Instructor

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