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Thread: CIC and MS Health Check Procedures

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    Question CIC and MS Health Check Procedures

    Dear All,

    Could someone lead me with the needed procedures for CIC & MS system health check

    As I know, I should check the services on IC System Manager and review Event Viewer on CIC server.

    Any other stuff am I missing ? or any recommendation assuming that we have 2 CIC (Active-Standby) and 2 MS(Active-Active Load Balance)

    Youssef Atef

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    Dear Youssef ,

    You have to check the following:
    1- Interaction Center services are up and running.
    2- All Sub systems are up and running at IC System Manager
    3- Application Events at Event Viewer.
    4- For Switch Over Pairs >> SwitchOver Panel to check the main and primary.

    if this check has passed then you should be fine !

    For more checks you can check the following "Optionally":

    1- Check the Notifier , IP and Telephony Services Logs.
    2- Check the SwitchOver Logs on both Primary and Secondary Pure Connect Servers.
    3- Check and monitor the Performance CPU Usage and Memory usage at each server.
    4- Do Manual Switchover to test your switchover pairs are functioning properly.

    Aly Nofal

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    Dear Aly,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Is their any health check done on both Media Servers ?

    Also when checking the Notifier , IP and TS Logs. Is their any filtration or common error search done on those logs to grantee no current or future issues ?

    Youssef Atef

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    You can go to the media server webpage to see the number of active calls on the media server. Also if there is a problem with the media server there is an event written to the event viewer on the CIC server regarding putting the media server on probation.

    As far as reading the subsystem logs there is no simple filter and often times there will be errors and warnings in the logs but they are actually nothing to worry about. I usually suggest when a customer decides to start monitoring start with the application event log on the CIC servers for any errors and warnings. Try to fix these first, if they can't be fixed then document them somewhere that the errors or warnings are not a problem. You could also set up SNMP on the CIC server to alert you when things are amiss.

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