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Thread: Sound Diagnostics Alert Error Window

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    Sound Diagnostics Alert Error Window

    every time a user (any user) get into the Interaction Client Web Edition Interaction Center 2016 R4 they are presented with the "Sound Diagnostics" Window which states;

    Interaction Client is unable to play sounds currently. You will not be able to hear the ring sound when a new call interaction is alerting. Click the restart button to attempt fixing this problem. If doesn't solve your problem contact your system administrator.

    Note: Everyone's sound card is working fine. The browser everyone is using is Chrome, and everyone is using Windows 10 Enterprise. Also, if the user selects the "Restart" button, nothing happens. Our users just have to select the "OK" button to make this alert go away. Is there a way to disable this alert? our users are tired of having to select the "OK" button every time they login to the application.
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