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    Policy Creation


    Trying to create a policy based off the I3_ATTEMPTSREMOTEHANGUP column in the database. I would like to stop calling a number that has been called 5 times but was determined to be a Remote hangup


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    better late than never?

    Did you get an answer to this?
    In policy, new item
    Add condition
    Condition type "attribute"
    locate the column name in the attribute search
    change the type to "number"
    operator ">="
    Value "5"

    Then add behavior named however you'd like
    Behavior Type "Call routing"
    Routing type "Do Not Dial"

    Hope this helps

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    There are always 3 ways....

    To add to Nellie's suggestion (and also to echo her concern about the late response!) I can think of three other solutions, depending upon your exact situation. (For anyone who has taken a class with me, you will know that I firmly believe there is some kind of conspiracy going on since it seems that there are always 3 choices or alternate techniques throughout the CIC / PureConnect product! )

    Right, back to the subject in hand.

    1. In the Recall Control settings for a campaign, you can set up auto-scheduled callbacks for a variety of call dispositions. One of these is "Contact Hang Up". In class, we talk about the disadvantages of using this, one of which is that once the number of calls is reached, the phone number will not be called again. In this case, that is what you want, so it may work for you (assuming the other disadvantages don't outweigh!)
    2. A Call Disposition policy to re-disposition the 5th remote hangup to make the number uncallable. This has a number of advantages, especially when compared to a pre-call policy (sorry Nellie!) To begin with, the policy only needs to be triggered when a Remote Hangup occurs, rather than on every call (thus reducing load). Secondly, the number will no longer be part of future recycles. If you use a pre-call policy, then as far as Dialer is concerned, the number is callable, just not being called. This may throw off your stats and, in an extreme case, result in a campaign that only has contacts that fall into this category. You don't say how many numbers per contact you have. If it's only one, then the contact will not be part of future recycles. If you have multiple numbers, then this number will effectively cease to exist and, if the other numbers are similarly uncallable, then the contact will eventually be marked as such. Thus, stats like "Recycle Size" are more accurate.
    3. If the size of the call list is sufficient for a somewhat delayed update, then you could consider a Stored Procedure that runs periodically (say nightly) or that gets triggered on a recycle (this would be a Rule, so I *THINK* would need to make use of a Handler). That SP would scan for numbers that match your criteria and mark them as uncallable (Status = "U")

    I also need to mention that the attribute that you are interested in (I3_ATTEMPTSREMOTEHANGUP) is in the contact list and therefore refers to the contact as a whole. If you only have one number per contact, then this is irrelevant, but if you have more than one number for some contacts, then you may want to use the Phone Number Details stats instead. (It depends if you want to not call someone who has hung up on you 5 times on this number, or 5 times on any number you have for them.) This might seem like splitting hairs, but since this type of question often involves regulatory requirements and so on, it makes a difference!

    Anyway, I hope my ramblings help in some way
    Paul Simpson
    Senior Technical Instructor

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