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Thread: Stations lost connectivity to IC Server

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    Stations lost connectivity to IC Server

    We are running CIC 2.4. We had an unusual thing happen today where about 5 of our phones lost connectivity to the CIC server. Once I rebooted the phones, they started working properly again.

    When I look on the TFTP server, I can see a message that says [10054]: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

    Any ideas what could cause this? Since the phones rebooted everything appears to be functioning properly again.

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    The Polycom phones will force close the connection to the TFTP server. This is expected behavior. The phones will go check the TFTP server to see if there is a new firmware avaialble, if the firmware version matches the phone force closes the connection and moves on.

    When you say the phones lost connectivity to the IC server what behavior were you experiencing? You are going to need to look in the TS Server or SIP engine log as they will probably show you what connection issue the server was having. Also CIC normally logs entries to the event viewer so you can look there.

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