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Thread: CaaS Hosted platform and Web Apps

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    CaaS Hosted platform and Web Apps

    version: 2016 R2 P9

    I'm very new to ININ and work on the workforce side of it not IT. I want my users to be able to trade schedules. They use the desktop client.

    I did a little research and found that the Optimizer Web App could be embedded into the desktop client to allow trades. I confirmed they had the security role. I'm prepared to enable in ICBM.

    I asked my IT folks for the URI for Optimizer Web App and they indicated it was not implemented during our install. They did a ticket for ININ which indicated that Optimizer Web App must be supported on premesis.

    We read the ININ response differently. I read it to say that our IT must install web apps on an Apache server we own. My IT guys read it to say that because we have CaaS hosted service, Web Apps cannot be used unless the entire install of ININ moves from hosted to on premesis.

    I would really appreciate a second opinion from experienced users.

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    You can use Web optimizer with you CaaS solution, I have seen it done before.

    I believe that is correct that you need to have the Web Server on your end. You would need to work with Genesys PS group basically for the stand up of this to communicate back to your CaaS IC server.

    I would consult with your Sales Rep or your Engagement Manager to get more details on it.

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    Thanks very much for the nudge in the right direction.

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