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Thread: Callback Avoidance

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    Callback Avoidance

    I am working to create a report to capture callback avoidance. The 2 cases I'm trying to capture are agents who simply close the object without attempting to dial and those who do call, but allow an unacceptable time between callback assignment and dialing the call out.

    I'm wondering if others have experience with this and what insight you might offer? I'm comparing ANIs, then comparing connected date/Time to establish the delay between assignment and call out, as well as capturing Callbacks that appear to have no outbound ANI Associated with them.

    Any other feedback you have is appreciated.

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    Callback detail reporting

    I actually wrote almost this exact report just recently. Here is a blog post that I wrote that can help to point you in the right direction. After writing the blog post, I found that it was a bit more complex than I originally thought. When writing the callback detail data to the InteractionCustomAttributes table, I had to do some handler modifications to grab and write the interaction ID keys instead of the simple interaction IDs to be able to match up the data correctly. It's a pain but it works.

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    One thing that we did was create a custom handler to actual place the callback call once it was assigned to the agent and assign it to their queue. Since we were in control of placing the call, the handler could also see the outcome of the call attempt and change the user's status (to one that they could not select otherwise) based on whether the call was successful or not (like an improperly entered number by a caller). We can also use the call disconnect customization point to look for calls that disconnect for users in our callback specific status and then change them again to indicate the callback was completed.

    Then it becomes a game of parsing user availability data. This doesn't directly help your quest with finding reporting, but it did help us eliminate the first scenario you mention.

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