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Thread: Move CIC server to another site

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    Move CIC server to another site

    Hello, I need to change the IP address of the CIC server. The name remain the same. Is there any configuration change to do for this change ?



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    It depends...

    There are probably other dependencies for this... but it depends how your environment is configured.

    Here is a short list to get you started:
    • DNS - make sure that the A records are updated both for the server names themselves (possibly in the primary and voice forward lookup zones)
    • Other computers - as a result of this, the DNS cache may need to be flushed on client workstations. This combined with a reboot should do the trick in most situations both for client workstations and for other servers
    • PSTN Gateways or SBCs will likely need to be updated
    • SIP Proxy servers - depending how they are configured (if used), the IP address references to the CIC servers may need to be updated

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