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Thread: Creating a Hotline

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    Creating a Hotline

    Want to create a hotline where users can hear the latest updates. Also managers will need to be able to update the wav that plays via TUI. Any suggestions??

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    Create a DNIS-based profile in Interaction Attendant. Set the Default Action on the Default Schedule to be a Play Audio operation playing the .wav file you want folks to hear. Turn off the Fax Listener on that schedule, and set repeats and time to repeat to zero.

    For the managers, you can dreate a "hidden" option on the "9" menu (option 9 is used in the system default configuration for Interaction Attendant for things like the Remote Access menu). This new option can run a custom handler which can record the audio with a Record File tool step and save it as the .wav file referenced in Attendant.

    Just a thought
    George Ganahl
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    Genesys University

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    Thx for the reply.. will look into using the Record file tool step. Was hoping I could do something out of the box though...

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    Smile hotline

    We have done this in the following:

    Create a user and set the status to OutofOffice.
    Assign a password to that user.
    Record the first out of office message
    assign a DNIS to the user in the DNIS/DID in IA
    give managers the access code to get to the voicemail *99extensionpassorwd#
    they can then go in and make changes.
    No handlers - no attendant profile required.

    We use this for our emergency weather lines all the time.

    send me an email if you need more clarity

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