I have been tasked with installing the Interactive Client 3 (su 10 + su 13 update) in german asap. I have created a modified MST but it seems german lang settings are not set. If I install the client manually I can select german and it works. It installs in english ....

This is the command I am running

msiexec /i ICUserApps_SU10_Client.msi TRANSFORMS=C:\temp\IC3\Custom_DE.mst PATCH=C:\Temp\IC3\ICUserApps_SU13_Patch.msp /qb /norestart PRODUCTLANGUAGE=1031
I have read the GPO deployment instructions and have set the following items in the Custom_DE.Mst. Appreciate any help at all with this !

Feature_ICUserApps_Languages 1
ICUserApps_German 1
ProductLanguage 1031